It all started as the Wymond family farm house in the 1800’s. They used their home as an essential part of the underground railroad system.  The Wymonds would hide escaped slaves in a secret room of the farm house. In 1926, a group of businessmen from Lawrenceburg and Aurora, Indiana conceived the idea of a country club. They purchased the historic Wymond Estate overlooking the Wilson Creek Valley and established the historic old home as the centerpiece of the country club. In 1992 the club board decided to change the golf course from the original 9 hole course to the current 18 hole course.On February 3, 2003, fire destroyed the old mansion. Now standing on the site of the original clubhouse is a 25,000 square foot state of the art facility.  MANY guests and employees talk of Henry the ghost that always keeps his presence known around the club house, but no one knows exactly who he is!

Keeping up with the times, and local demand, Woody’s restaurant is born. Our crowd pleasing menu offers steak parallel to the best steakhouses without the high price. Woody’s also offers homestyle meals, appetizers and a full bar. Every Sunday we feature an amazing Sunday brunch and delicious fried chicken! Whatever your taste buds crave, we have something for you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of Woody’s!